GE9X flight testing on track for 2017


About three months after the start of ground testing at its Peebles, Ohio, facility, the first full GE Aviation GE9X development engine has achieved positive testing results much earlier than usual for a complex powerplant development – just six months after the design was finalized. GE says the first full engine to test (FETT) results should see complete certification as planned in 2018.

The 100,000lb-thrust GE9X engine will be the sole powerplant for Boeing’s new 777X long-haul aircraft. The GE9X is said to be the largest-ever commercial aircraft engine, with a front fan measuring 11ft (3.4m) in diameter.

The GE9X also incorporates proven technologies from the GE90 and GEnx, and promises a 10% improvement in specific fuel consumption (SFC) compared with the GE90-115B that is powering the current 777-300ER.

So far, the GE9X has met all expectations in terms of thrust and operational requirements, GE Aviation reports. Components for the second engine (also for ground testing) are currently being manufactured.

The first FETT engine will later be used for icing testing this winter.

For more on GE9X testing, read the report in Aerospace Testing International.

July 15, 2016

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