EPS to test flight-ready diesel engine software


Engineered Propulsion Systems (EPS) has reached another milestone in the development of its Graflight Flat 8 diesel engine: Bosch has delivered First Level redundant software for testing. The tests are expected to lead to the first FAA approval according to the recently modified and more stringent DO178-C standards.

Stage one will involve ground based tests on a pedestal that will be driven to altitudes up to 14,000ft in Colorado. Further testing will occur in an altitude chamber. Finally, the software will be used in test flights with a conforming engine. This is expected to occur in Q2 2017. The mechanical parts of the engine were advanced to conforming status in autumn 2016. As the software is proven in testing with an engine, the project will advance significantly toward completion of the FAA Certification process.

“There are existing software programs that met the criteria for DO178-B, but the Graflight 8 will be the first to conform to the higher standards of DO178-C,” said Michael Fuchs, CEO of EPS. “We now have a highly refined engine operations program that includes the type of enhancing upgrades found in the higher-class business jets. Bosch software will provide real-time analysis of all systems and call out predictive maintenance diagnostics.”

EPS officials expect to complete certification in 2017 and have production line capability by late in the year.

February 1, 2017

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