Bye chooses batteries for Sun Flyer all-electric aircraft


Artist’s impression of the Sun Flyer trainer aircraft (Image: Bye Aerospace)

Denver, Colorado-based Bye Aerospace has selected Electric Power Systems to supply the energy storage system for its Sun Flyer all-electric trainer aircraft.

Electric Power Systems (EPS) will design and build the battery modules, battery management unit and power distribution unit for the Sun Flyer demonstrator. The aircraft is scheduled for it first flight tests within the next three months.

George Bye, Bye Aerospace CEO, said the collaboration with EPS is both timely and critically important. “The Sun Flyer flight demonstrator will soon start the flight test phase,” said Bye. “My thanks to the EPS leadership and team for their battery expertise and participation in this revolutionary program.”

Nathan Millecam, CEO of Electric Power Systems, said, “We’re excited to work with Bye Aerospace on making the Sun Flyer the first all-electric airplane certified under the new FAA Part 23 regulations.

“This partnership aligns with our shared vision to advance all-electric aircraft for commercial aviation applications. Our Energy Storage System leverages technology developed for NASA’s X57 platform, that enables our battery module to meet stringent FAA safety requirements around containment of cells in thermal runaway at a very light weight.”

April 5, 2018


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