Skyports trials medical courier services by drone


A healthcare logistic provider to the UK’s NHS and Skyports Drone Services have completed a four-week trial of drone medical courier services.

The trial, which started in June transported over 400 pathology samples between hospitals in the East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT), an existing customer of EMED Group.

Craig Smith, group CEO of EMED Group said, “This project provides tangible environmental benefits, but it also ensures that vital pathology samples and medical supplies are quickly and effectively transported between points of care with no risk to delays we often experience on the road network.

“All of this ultimately ensures our communities are that little bit healthier and those with medical needs are diagnosed more rapidly.”

Alex Brown, director of Skyports Drone Services said, “We’re at a really important stage in the scaling of medical drone logistics.

“Projects such as this one with EMED are helping to pave the way for permanent operations by demonstrating just how safe, beneficial and effective drone services are – and the ease with which they can be implemented. Each delivery we complete ensures that a patient receives the care they need that bit quicker. At scale, the impact is transformational.”

Deliveries were conducted using Skyports Drone Services Swoop Aero Kookaburra III aircraft, a fixed wing aircraft with a 3kg payload. Skyports Drone Services has tens of thousands of kilometres to date using the drone on medical delivery missions.

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