Czech company Zuri reveals hover test of VTOL aircraft


Czech Republic-based company Zuri has achieved a key milestone in the testing and development program of its hybrid VTOL aircraft.

The company, which has been developing its aircraft since 2017, successfully completed its first hover test using a technology demonstrator at an airport near Prague in September. The demonstrator has a wingspan of 11m (36 ft) and a weight of 500kg (1100 lbs) and can be seen performing the hover test in the video above.

Zuni is developing its hybrid VTOL to have a range of 720km (450 miles), a cruise speed of 320km/h (450mph) and to seat 4 passengers.

Zuri’s VTOL puts its propellers into a position where they create the lowest amount of when it transitions to horizontal flight.

Zuri aircraft

Engineers at Zuri carried out the first hover test on September 15, 2021 at an airport near Zbraslavice, Czech Republic (Image: Zuri)

Zuri is considering an equity crowdfunding round as part of the  fundraising activities for its aircraft’s development. Michal Illich, CEO and founder of Zuri said, “We are considering launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to allow even small investors to join our VTOL company at an attractive valuation.”


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