Diamond DA50 RG becomes FAA certified


The new Jet-A burning retractable gear Diamond DA50 RG is now FAA Certified and on tour in the Western United States.

The FAA presented Diamond Aircraft the certificate for the Diamond DA50 RG Jet-A fueled single engine aircraft at EAA Airventure 2023.

This certification allows deliveries to begin to the US market.

The Diamond DA50 RG has been certified in Europe since late 2020 and LifeStyle Aviation has been taking orders for the aircraft for US delivery since Airventure 2022 pending the FAA validation.

The DA50 RG is the single engine version of the Diamond DA62 7 place twin engine aircraft.

“The response from the market has been remarkable,” said John Armstrong, founder and
CEO of LifeStyle Aviation.

“People are raving about the way the plane looks, its impressive ramp presence and sleek airborne silhouette. The DA50 is the coolest new aircraft introduced to General Aviation since the certification of the Diamond DA62 and we are thrilled to be bringing it to market with deliveries beginning this quarter.”

The DA50 RG has a large 5 place cabin, 6 cylinder computer controlled, liquid cooled, twin turbo-charged Jet-A compression (diesel) engine, retractable trailing-link landing gear, large gull-wing doors, winglets and large three blade composite prop.

Another unique characteristic of the DA50 is that it allows buyers to start with a single engine aircraft and when more range or load are needed, they can upgrade to the twin engine DA62 version of the same plane.

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