US Air Force engineering to receive US$1.6bn boost


The US Air Force’s Arnold Engineering Development Complex at Arnolds Air Force Base in Tennessee, USA is to receive US$1.6 billion over the next few years for hypersonic and nuclear modernization programs.

The Arnold Engineering Development Complex ’s (AEDC) Program Management Office is expanding to execute the influx of national defense funds.

The development of hypersonic weapons and nuclear modernization efforts were among the priorities in the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense Authorization Act passed last year by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden on Dec. 23, 2022.

The way the AEDC is managed is changing to oversee the new investment funds with the addition of a dedicated acquisition branch.

The acquisition branch will be tasked with leading the revitalization, development, delivery and continued sustainment support of ground test capabilities across the AEDC, ensuring key program milestones are met. Its goal is to increase test capabilities and help the US Air Force remain competitive with near-peer adversaries.

Charlie Jenkins, chief of the program management office at the AEDC said, “The program office’s portfolio has grown into nine major programs, valued at more than U$3 billion, being managed by a team of Air Force certified program managers. AEDC leadership made the decision to expand the existing program office with a team of dedicated program managers.

“The work this team will do will have significant, long-term impacts to AEDC’s ability to support the National Defense Strategy for many years to come.”

The acquisitions branch will primarily operate out of Arnold Air Force Base. However, the team will also oversee the expenditure at the AEDC’s geographically separated units.

The acquisitions branch will be made up of experts from across the complex. Those assigned will provide dedicated support to the new branch, determine requirement needs, drive schedule compliance and execute funding.

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