Portable Intermittent Fault Detector achieves F-35 approval


The F-35 Joint Program Office has approved and authorized the use of Universal Synaptics’ Portable Intermittent Fault Detector to help maintain the aircraft by all of the air forces around the world that fly it.

The Portable Intermittent Fault Detector (PIFD) is an advanced diagnostic instrument that can simultaneously and continuously monitor all unit under test (UUT) circuits individually at the same time, detecting intermittent faults that occur, even as short as 50 nanoseconds (0.00000005 seconds) in duration.

In addition to detecting and isolating intermittent faults, the PIFD AutoMap artificial intelligence feature automatically interrogates and stores the as-configured wiring, eliminating the need for hardcoded test program set software, reducing cost, increasing efficiency and speed to the fleet. The PIFD also detects any open, short, ohmic, impedance, drift, or mis-wiring problem in UUTs.

Ken Anderson, president and CEO of Universal Synaptics said “The most advanced weapon system requires the most advanced wiring diagnostic capability to ensure the F-35 is always mission-ready.

“The collaboration between the F-35 JPO, Lockheed Martin and Universal Synaptics continues as we work to reduce No Fault Found, improve readiness and reduce sustainment costs for the F-35.”

The F-35 Lightning II is one of the largest procurement programs in the Department of Defense, with different versions of the strike fighter being procured for the United States Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. More than 615 F-35s have been delivered to date, and the Department of Defense plans to acquire 3,000+ jets in the program of record.

F-35 Programs of Record include the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Norway. Foreign military operators include Israel, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Poland and Singapore. The F-35 is operated at 26 active military base locations worldwide.

The approval covers F-35 JPO Program Management Offices and at all JPO-sponsored facilities.

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