New test cart enclosures for AEDC


The test carts for the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) Propulsion Wind Tunnel have received new enclosures to house the updated data acquisition and control systems.

“With new systems on the carts, we had to come up with a new enclosure to house that equipment,” said Marc Smotherman, ATA project manager for the Improve Transonic Test Capability and Test Article Control System programs.

Though the internal data acquisition and control equipment in the enclosures is essentially the same, it was a requirement that the new enclosures be able to house the same equipment but also be lighter and reduce the time to access the internal equipment.

Another benefit is that the updated data acquisition and control equipment will increase reliability and improve data rates as well as system controls.

Smotherman mentioned the upgrade was completed at half the expected cost thanks to the work of the project team, which included members of PWT and the Model Shop.

“We initially expected each of the 11 enclosures to cost approximately US$120,000, but the work was completed for US$60,000,” Smotherman said.

Due to the workload of the model shop, the fabrication of the enclosures was sent to an outside vendor, and so far nine of the 11 enclosures have been received. The remaining enclosures are expected to be delivered by the end of May.

May 13, 2016

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