Meggitt supplying more sensors to Korean fighter jet program


Meggitt Sensing Systems has won a contract to supply an Engine Vibration Monitoring Unit to be used in development and testing of the Korean KF-X multi-role fighter jet.

The contract covers the development of a high temperature electronic Engine Vibration Monitoring Unit and the delivery of prototypes for the KF-X jet (Korean Fighter Experimental).

The contract is one of several signed with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to supply the KF-X program.

President of Meggitt Sensing Systems Chris Allen said, “This contract builds on the development work we have been undertaking with KAI on innovative technology for the KF-X. We look forward to continuing our partnership and developing and delivering state of the art prototypes.”

The South Korea government began developing K-FX in 2011 in partnership with the Indonesian government. The project, which is projected to cost R18tr (US$15.3bn) of taxpayers’ money, will call for the building of about 120 twin-engine fighter jets.

The Republic of Korea Air Force plans to deploy the new aircraft from the mid-2020s to replace its fleet of vintage F-4s and F-5s.

KAI began wind tunnel testing of the aircraft in 2016.


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