JSOW variant enters operational testing


The final free flight in the integrated testing phase for the Joint Standoff Weapon C-1 has been successfully completed by Raytheon and the US Navy.

During the development test, JSOW C-1 demonstrated its effectiveness against moving maritime targets, a crucial capability against current and future surface warfare threats. The weapon is on track to start operational testing (OT) this spring and is slated for delivery to the fleet in 2016 after the successful completion of OT.

“As we pivot to the Pacific, our capability to employ networked precision strike across our kill chains and engage in offensive anti-surface warfare is key to maintaining our strategic dominance in that theater,” said Captain Jaime Engdahl, Precision Strike Weapons (PMA-201) program manager, Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

During the test, the aircrew executed a pre-launch handoff between two F/A-18E/F aircraft followed by the weapon’s release at a distance of 35 nautical miles to the target. The two Super Hornets again transferred control of the weapon, then sent a post-launch retargeting command to reroute the JSOW C-1 from the initial target ship to a higher priority target. 

April 21, 2015

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