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A vacancy for a test flight engineer (h/f) has arisen within Airbus Commercial Aircraft in Toulouse. You will join the Test Flight Engineers Department.

You will acting as lead flight test engineer (LFTE) as defined in EASA PART21:

• Flight test engineer assigned for duties in an aircraft for the purpose of conducting flight tests, or
• Assisting the pilot in the operation of the aircraft and its systems during flight test activities.

It covers missions of flight test engineers and test flight engineers in the common Airbus Flight Test wording.

LFTEs are Flight Test Engineers (FTEs) that have specific duties and privileges as a flight test crew member, to operate the test aircraft’s systems either directly or through dedicated flight test instrumentation that could significantly interfere with the aircraft basic systems. The word ‘assisting’ (the pilots) should be understood in the sense of the critical actions which could be performed by the LFTE, if requested by the flight test order and agreed by the pilot-in- command. LFTE are also in charge of upstream preparation of flights tests and final validation of flight tests results.

Verify that the system’s requirements are correctly & completely implemented. The result of this activity (for example the compliance matrix) may be required for qualification of the system in the frame of military acceptance or civil certification. Validate the system requirements or functions from the early phases of the project (simulation, virtualization ….), until flight test with a strong consideration on how the system is operated. Analyse and identify characteristics, properties, behaviours (physical, functional) of system/component, or globally for technology maturity, from a discipline point of view (not for detailed design) e.g. Handling Qualities, human factors, safety, cost, security, operability, interpretation of test results, vibration, thermal, …This includes also: the capability to assess innovative technologies and architectures, to deliver independent cost benefit analysis (manufacturer & operator related). Test Preparation, Execution, and Analyze for the overall functions of a complete system (aircraft, spacecraft…).

Task & accountabilities:

Your main tasks and responsibilities will include:

• Performing the before departure checks and verifications (walk around, cockpit safety inspection …) and managing technical log book (TLB) and endorse it on behalf of the captain.
• Initiating via technical logbook necessary work to correct abnormalities encountered in the flight and modifications required for subsequent flights.
• Assisting the Flight Test Engineer (FTE) or prepare in the absence of FTE the weight & balance sheet, the takeoff data, the flight order, the flight crew report and the date recording.
• Participating actively as a crew member in the flight test execution (system operation and/or verification, flight test program execution).
• Ensuring short term coordination between Engineering and maintenance team (Quality, Production, Flight Test Installation).
• Preparing and follow up mid-term and long term aircraft modifications, working party and target dates in coordination with MAP Manager and MAP DO (Mise au Point Design Office by ATA chapter).
• Ensuring perfect updating of the Aircraft Particularities document in the frame of AIRBUS Design Organization Approval privilege by EASA.
• Executing as crewmember in command static and engines running ground operations below 50 KTS when pilots are not required.
• Assisting Acceptance Department when workload requires and operate as acceptance flight engineer.
• Participating actively in aircraft systems definition, improvement and continuous airworthiness in close coordination with design office and supported by FTSE (Flight Test Support Engineer).

This role will involve worldwide travels and missions, and temporary secondments and as such you must be able to travel accordingly.

Required skills

You will have the following skills and experience:

• Valid L-FTE license (EPNER)
• Deep knowledge and direct exposure to development or acceptance flights
• Have the skill to participate of new operational concepts and technical solutions to evolving aircraft definition
• Be flexible, and ready to adapt to ever changing aircraft scheduling
• Very high level of motivation and team spirit
• Be fluent enough so as to represent Airbus on internal and meeting
• Advanced level of English.
This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company’s success, reputation and sustainable growth.

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