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Airbus updates on Skyways urban delivery drone

Airbus Helicopters reports that it plans to start field trials later this year in Singapore of the UAV, which is able to deliver parcels that weigh up to 4kg.

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16 February, 2018

Ehang autonomous aerial vehicle manned flight tests

Chinese firm Ehang announced that it has achieved a series of manned flight tests carrying one and two passengers, including its CEO and government officials.

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06 February, 2018


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We'd like to know, what do you think are the greatest engineering challenges to be solved for electric and hybrid aircraft, before they can be used more widely in aviation?

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The simulation of unusual flight conditions will improve aircraft safety and training

Jan 30, 2018:

Human factors research is contributing to developing a better understanding of a pilot's response to unusual flight conditions,

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Dr Eric Groen, senior scientist at TNO and visiting academic - aerospace physiology at Cranfield University, UK

New aerospace concepts: Is testing ready for them?

Jun 30, 2017:

 Emergent technologies are providing some of the most exciting developments in the aerospace world. Is the current flight test community fit to assess them?

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Highs and lows

Apr 19, 2017:

Is it easier to test at high or low altitude? While high-altitude testing brings its own set of human challenges, flight in a low-level environment brings completely different conditions and difficulties

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Environmental testing: hot or cold?

Dec 5, 2016:

The world of aerospace testing is no stranger to extreme conditions, but which end of the temperature envelope is the more challenging?

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Garnet Ridgway and Sophie Robinson

Improving efficiency

Oct 25, 2016:

Is it time you considered a Combined Test Team approach to improve efficiency through elimination of redundant testing?

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Flight simulators: passe or the future?

Sep 13, 2016:

 Flight simulation is undoubtedly a valuable part of the aerospace testing process, but has technological development in the field stagnated?

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Out with the old

Jun 10, 2016:

A favored saying of safety engineers is, ‘There are no new accidents, only new victims’. Does this apply to aerospace testing in the modern era?

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Best of times, worst of times?

Mar 30, 2016:

From the outside, a career in aerospace testing seems as glamorous and exciting as ever. Is this really the case? Are we in a golden age? And are those that disagree guilty of looking back through rose-tinted spectacles?

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Garnet Ridgway and Sophie Robinson

A measured approach to decision-making

Feb 2, 2016:

Peter Kelley, a former senior metrologist at the National Weights & Measures Laboratory and training development manager at the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), takes a look at the difference between calibration and testing, at metrological traceability and uncertainty in measurement, and considers the significance of possible measurement errors in final test and calibration results

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By Peter Kelley

Tech advances

Dec 7, 2015:

The development rate of consumer electronics has been meteoric over the past few decades, whereas aircraft undergoing testing are often fundamentally unchanged. Does this huge technological advance make aerospace testing a formality in this day and age?

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Garnet Ridgway and Sophie Robinson


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In just six months, the US Air Force publicly announced and flew its Light Attack Experiment, pitching four platforms against a series of demanding mission objectives
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A new flight test project led by Airbus spearheads an EU effort to see if laminar-flow wings can be produced on an industrial scale
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BAE Systems’ structural test team at Brough has now completed a third cycle of F-35A fatigue testing
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Two leading test pilot schools continue to invest in aircraft, equipment and new approaches to better meet the changing needs of industry 
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What role will wind tunnels play in the testing of future aircraft? NASA’s latest supersonic testing program provides some clues
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